[IMPORTANT] Not all sizes described below are available for each product found in our shop. Please refer to the product description to see all available sizes for a specific product that you want to purchase. This size guide contains tips and steps on how to know your sizes. Fair Luxury wants all of you, our customers to be well-informed about every ring. We ensure every ring contains descriptions about the sizes. All or our ring size descriptions are in US sizes. If you are using a different sizing metric, kindly check the guide below to learn about the conversion equivalent of the sizing metric you use in your country.


mm = Millimeter
DIA = Inside Diameter
CIRC = Inside Circumference

Ring Size Guide



mm mm USA UK Italy
Canada Ireland Spain
Mexico Australia Netherlands
RTP Sizes New Zealand Switzerland
14.88 46.8 4 H 6.75
15.09 47.4 4 1/4 H 1/2 7.5
15.49 48.7 4 3/4 J 8.75
15.7 49.3 5 J 1/2 9.25
15.9 50 5 1/4 K 10
16.31 51.2 5 3/4 L 11.25
16.51 51.9 6 L 1/2 11.75
16.71 52.5 6 1/4 M 12.5
17.12 53.8 6 3/4 N 13.75
17.32 54.4 7 N 1/2 14.5
17.53 55.1 7 1/4 O 15
17.93 56.3 7 3/4 P 16.25
18.14 57 8 P 1/2 17
18.34 57.6 8 1/4 Q 17.5
18.75 58.9 8 3/4 R 19
18.95 59.5 9 R 1/2 19.5
19.15 60.2 9 1/4 S 20.25
19.56 61.4 9 3/4 T 21.5
19.76 62.1 10 T 1/2 22
20.57 64.6 11 V 24.75 


It is important that you know the correct ring size before placing an order for a certain ring in our shop. You can identify the correct ring size either by using a properly fitting ring or by measuring the finger where the ring will be worn. We always want to give our customers the perfect fitting ring so we ask your cooperation in taking the correct measurement either for yourself or for someone else. Below are two easy methods in obtaining the correct ring size. However, if you feel unsure at any point about the measurement that you've got, please feel free to get in touch with us so we can assist you.


Select from one of the rings in your collection that fits exactly on the finger where the new ring that you want to purchase will be worn.

  • Measure the INSIDE DIAMETER of the ring
  • Match the measurement you've taken with the measurements found on the conversion chart above
  • In case the ring falls between two sizes, we generally that you get the one that is larger of the two sizes just to be sure that the ring really fits well

NOTE: Rings that have thick band will feel tighter than those that have thin band. In case you want to order a thick band ring, we recommend that you choose a full size larger than your normal ring size.


We want to provide rings that fit well on our customer's finger/s. We want it snug enough to it can stay on without falling-off and being lost but at the same time, we also want it to be loose enough to slide off without causing pain or any other problem on the wearer.

How to Measure Ring Size

NOTE: Your finger size can change throughout the day, so it is a good idea to measure for your ring size at the end of the day when your fingers are at their largest. Avoid taking measurements when your hands are cold since your fingers size will at least be half a size smaller in such instances.


Cut a piece of string or a 1/4 inch wide piece of paper to about 2 inches in length. Wrap the piece of string or paper around the base of your ring finger or whichever finger on which you want to put the ring on. Wrap around both the base of your finger and your knuckle if the latter is noticeably larger than the base of your finger.


Mark the sting or paper at the exact point that it overlaps to make a complete circle around your finger. Do this for where it overlaps on your knuckle as well, if you had the need of measuring it after finding out that it's larger than the base of your finger.


Unroll the string or paper and place it on a flat surface. You can then take the ruler with millimeter measurements. The length of your measurement is the circumference of your ring finger. If you needed two marks because of your knuckle, make a new mark exactly between the two and use that mark as your measure. Refer to the ring size chart above to get your ring size or its equivalent.

*NOTE: Refer to the ring size chart above to get your ring size. For example, if the circumference measures 62mm, your ring size is a 10. Or, if you know your ring size is a 19, then your equivalent ring size is 8 3/4.



[IMPORTANT] Not all sizes described below are available for each product. Please refer to the product description to see available sizes. Most of our bracelets have durable elastic silicon cording which makes it adjustable and stretchable. Others are one-size-fits-all types of bracelets. If you have concerns regarding bracelet or ring sizing, please feel free to contact us through our customer support email at [EMAIL ADDRESS] and we'll be happy assist you.


Size US (inches) EU (cm)
XXS 6.3" 16
XS 6.7" 17
S 7.1" 18
M 7.5" 19
L 7.9" 20
XL 8.3" 21
XXL 9.1" 23



It is important to choose a bracelet that fits perfectly on your wrist. In case you are confused about the size information that you see in the bracelet's description section, the chart above should help you identify your perfect size. And if you want to be sure about your wrist size, the instruction below should help you find your precise wrist size.